Elon Musk Warns of AI’s Potential for Deception and Civilization Destruction

In an interview with “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, Twitter CEO Elon Musk raised concerns about bias in artificial intelligence (AI), expressing his belief that leftist programmers could train AI to “lie” and selectively comment on certain topics. He described this as a dangerous development, saying, “What’s happening is they’re training the AI to lie. It’s bad.” Musk went on to argue that the risks associated with AI surpass those of mismanaged aircraft design or faulty car production, as AI has the non-trivial potential to cause civilization destruction.

Fox News contributor Guy Benson suggested that it isn’t surprising for AI to be programmed to lie since humans lie and AI is directed by humans, which means that there will likely be some dishonesty involved. Benson also pondered whether concerns about AI were being overstated, drawing parallels to concerns raised during the advent and rise of the Internet. He acknowledged that while the Internet has its downsides, the initial negativity may have overlooked its positive elements. Benson wondered if the same mistake is being made with AI​.

Tammy Bruce, co-host of “The Big Sunday Show,” highlighted a significant difference between AI and other technologies, asserting that AI “presumes to replace us.” While other technologies are used and consumed as resources, AI has the ability to manage and act on information. Bruce noted that this has led to discussions about job loss, the role of humans, and the value of human beings in a world with AI​.

Dr. Nicole Saphier, another co-host of “The Big Sunday Show,” emphasized that while AI may be able to react faster and respond more quickly to certain situations, human perspective and real-world experience should ultimately be the deciding factor. She advocated for a combination of AI and human intelligence, stressing that “AI plus the human brain need to be used in conjunction,” and one should not replace the other.

Musk joined a group of tech experts in signing an open letter on March 30, which asked AI developers to halt their efforts for six months. The goal of this pause is to engage in a dialog to explore the potential dangers associated with AI, especially as it pertains to computers replacing humans in the workforce.