Parker Hannifin Settles Data Breach Class Action for $1.75 Million

Parker Hannifin, a major manufacturing company, has agreed to a $1.75 million class action settlement to resolve allegations stemming from a March 2022 data breach that compromised employee information. The settlement benefits current and former Parker Hannifin employees who received notification letters regarding the breach.

The class action lawsuit accused Parker Hannifin of negligently failing to protect the digital privacy of its current and former employees. As a result, sensitive employee data, including Social Security numbers and health insurance information, was compromised in the 2022 data breach.

Image credit: Midjourney

Parker Hannifin supplies products to various industries such as aerospace, healthcare, power, transportation, and more. Although the company has not admitted any wrongdoing, it agreed to pay $1.75 million to resolve the lawsuit.

Parker Hannifin is a global leader in the manufacturing of motion and control technologies and systems. The company specializes in providing precision-engineered solutions for diverse applications in mobile, industrial, and aerospace markets.

Under the terms of the settlement, affected class members can receive cash payments based on the damages they experienced due to the data breach. Reimbursement for data breach-related expenses is available up to $5,000, including $250 for each verified incident of fraud linked to the breach. Class members can also claim up to four hours of lost time at a rate of $25 per hour, for a maximum lost time payment of $100.

California residents who were class members at the time of the data breach can receive an additional $100 payment from the settlement. Any residual settlement funds will be used to make pro rata payments to class members, estimated to be around $50. Actual pro rata payments may vary depending on the amount left over after claims are paid.

The deadline for exclusion and objection is June 14, 2023. The final approval hearing for the settlement is scheduled for August 2, 2023. To receive settlement benefits, class members must submit a valid claim form by July 14, 2023.