OpenAI Introduces Enhanced Data Management Features for ChatGPT

Empowering Users with Enhanced Privacy and Control

  • Disabling Chat History: Users can now turn off chat history in ChatGPT, ensuring conversations won’t be used for model training and won’t appear in the history sidebar.
  • Introducing ChatGPT Business: A new subscription tier designed for professionals and enterprises, offering greater data control and adherence to API data usage policies.
  • Easy Data Export: Users can seamlessly export their ChatGPT data via the new “Export” option in settings, receiving a file with conversations and relevant data via email.

April 25, 2023 – OpenAI, the leading artificial intelligence research organization, has announced a series of exciting new features for ChatGPT, its popular language model. The updates center around giving users greater control over their data and privacy.

One of the key updates is the ability for users to disable their chat history in ChatGPT. With this feature enabled, conversations initiated with chat history turned off will not contribute to training or improving OpenAI’s models, and they will not appear in the history sidebar. The new controls can be accessed and modified at any time from ChatGPT’s settings. OpenAI is confident that these enhancements will offer users a more convenient way to manage their data compared to the previous opt-out process. Additionally, while chat history is disabled, new conversations will be retained for 30 days, during which they may be reviewed for monitoring potential abuse before being permanently deleted​​.

To address the needs of professionals and enterprises, OpenAI is also developing a new subscription tier called ChatGPT Business. The Business subscription will provide users with greater control over their data and offer organizations the ability to manage end-user interactions. In accordance with OpenAI’s API data usage policies, data from end users in the ChatGPT Business tier will not be used to train the company’s AI models by default. ChatGPT Business is expected to become available in the coming months​​.

Finally, OpenAI has introduced an “Export” option in ChatGPT’s settings, making it easier for users to export their ChatGPT data and understand what information the platform stores. Upon choosing this option, users will receive an email containing a file with their conversations and all other relevant data​​.

These enhancements reflect OpenAI’s commitment to providing users with greater control over their interactions with ChatGPT, ensuring both privacy and transparency. As ChatGPT continues to gain popularity, these updates are poised to deliver a more satisfying and secure user experience.