Recorded Future Introduces AI-Driven Intelligence Platform

Recorded Future, a pioneer in the field of intelligence, has announced the launch of its new product, “Recorded Future AI,” an AI-driven intelligence platform designed to elevate security defenses across organizations and governments. Since its founding in 2009, Recorded Future has been at the forefront of intelligence, developing advanced algorithms and analytics for collecting, processing, and analyzing vast amounts of data, including over 100 terabytes of text, images, and technical data. The company has leveraged this data to enable entities to identify potential threats, vulnerabilities, and take proactive measures to prevent cyber and physical attacks before they occur.


The traditional approach to threat intelligence has been challenged by complex threat landscapes, where organizations grapple with an ever-growing volume of data and a shortage of cybersecurity talent. Analysts often spend 80% of their time on tasks like data collection, aggregation, and processing, leaving only 20% for actual analysis, reporting, and action to reduce risk. With the launch of Recorded Future AI, the company aims to flip this 80/20 principle, automating many of the time-consuming tasks and freeing up analysts to focus on higher-level strategic activities.

Recorded Future AI incorporates OpenAI’s state-of-the-art pre-trained transformer model, GPT, with its industry-leading Intelligence Cloud. The platform is trained on over a decade of threat analysis from Insikt Group, the company’s threat research division, and integrated with the Recorded Future Intelligence Graph. By utilizing natural language processing and machine learning, Recorded Future AI provides real-time threat landscape analysis, enhances analyst efficiency, and offers intelligence-driven insights to help organizations make informed decisions before adversarial activities impact business outcomes.

Key capabilities of Recorded Future AI include training with Intelligence Graph, the largest dataset of open web, dark web, and technical data; summary and analysis style training based on expert insights; and integration into the Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud to enable diverse use-cases and workflows for analysts.

Recorded Future AI’s integration of AI into the intelligence cycle is set to be a game-changer for security and intelligence professionals, with the potential to revolutionize the industry and support analysts and leaders by leveraging both machines and human insights. With cybersecurity threats on the rise and organizations facing a rapidly evolving risk landscape, the introduction of Recorded Future AI is a timely and much-needed innovation