Wireshark Releases Version 4.0.5 with Several Key Fixes

The Wireshark Foundation, known for its widely used network protocol analyzer software, has announced the release of Wireshark version 4.0.5. The latest version of the software comes with a range of important bug fixes and addresses several vulnerabilities.

Wireshark, the world’s most popular network protocol analyzer, is employed for a range of purposes including troubleshooting, analysis, development, and education. While the latest update does not include new features or protocols, it does address a number of critical issues in the software.

Notably, the following vulnerabilities have been fixed in version 4.0.5:

  • RPCoRDMA dissector crash (Issue 18852)
  • LISP dissector large loop (Issue 18900)
  • GQUIC dissector crash (Issue 18947)

In addition to addressing these vulnerabilities, Wireshark has fixed a number of bugs including issues with the RTP player waveform synchronization, RTP analysis showing incorrect timestamp errors, the VNC RRE parser skipping over data, and more.

Users should be aware that official 32-bit Windows packages are not shipped for Wireshark 4.0 and later. However, the Wireshark 3.6 release is recommended for those who need to use Wireshark on that platform.

Wireshark 4.0.5 also includes updated protocol support for DHCP, DIS, DNS, ERF, FF, genl, GQUIC, GSM A-bis OML, HL7, IEEE 802.11, ITS, LAPD, netfilter, netlink-route, netlink-sock_diag, nl80211, RLC, RPCoRDMA, RTPS, SCTP, SMB, UDS, VNC, and WCP.

The Wireshark Foundation emphasizes its commitment to helping as many people as possible understand their networks. Users can find out more about Wireshark, access documentation, receive community support, and make a donation at the Wireshark Foundation’s website, wiresharkfoundation.org. In addition, users can learn protocol analysis and meet Wireshark’s developers at SharkFest.

The Wireshark 4.0.5 release notes are available on the Wireshark website, and the source code and installation packages can be downloaded from www.wireshark.org/download.html.

Wireshark users are encouraged to update to the latest version to take advantage of the key fixes implemented in version 4.0.5. As always, the importance of maintaining up-to-date software to ensure network security and stability is paramount.